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*  You must read the following rules before you nominate (boring, boring rules...!!).

*  Please only Lord of the Rings and/or Tolkien related sites, and websites with Lord of the Rings sections/content!

*  You can only nominate your own site. Do not nominate another person's site.

*  You must put up a code (or text link) on your own website before nominating.

*  Please do not nominate your site if it contains inappropriate material and/or a lot of pop-ups!

*  Your site has to be completed to be nominated (it cannot be on hiatus)!

*  You can only nominate your site for BEST LAYOUT if you have made the layout yourself.

*  You can only nominate your site for BEST GRAPHICS if you have made the graphics yourself.

*  Your site must be more than 6 months old for a BEST OLD SITE nomination, and less than 6 months old for a BEST NEW SITE nomination.

*  You can nominate in as many categories as you want, but if your site doesn't qualify for an award you nominated it for, I won't accept it.

*  You cannot submit blogs, forums, guestbooks and Yahoo/Msn groups.

*  When nominating, where it says 'Meriadoc' please type 'Pippin', so I know you've read the rules. This password will change every round.

*  If you already won an award in one round, you can still nominate your site for that category in the following rounds.

*  If you do not win awards in one round, you can nominate your site again! :)

*  Two or more sites can win in one category.

*  If there is only one nominee in a category, that site will automatically win the award.